Become an Oral Health Champion

What is an Oral Health Champion?

An Oral Health Champion is an individual who believes in the importance of improving our community’s oral health, and is willing to advocate for this cause passionately and often.

An Oral Health Champion could be someone who:

  • knows that improving oral health in our community is a public good, and will support this cause even in the face of pushback or disagreement
  • will act on requests by the BOHC, committing to at least 1 concrete task per year
  • can clearly articulate what the BOHC is striving to accomplish, and will do so regularly, encouraging others to become champions as well
  • understands that community water fluoridation is a cornerstone of good oral health, and is willing to support a Town Government decision to implement it in Bennington (and to vocally encourage others to do the same)

Fill in the following form to become an oral health champion, and to join the + people who support the BOHC and our mission!

What Does an Oral Health Champion Do?

The short answer: whatever you want!

The long answer: There are many ways that the BOHC engages with Oral Health Champions, depending on interests, expertise, and availability. Here are a few samples of what our current champions do:

  • Teachers act as champions by welcoming us into their classrooms to give oral health presentations
  • Medical staff act as champions by educating patients in proper oral care, and encouraging healthy eating habits
  • Local citizens act as champions by becoming classroom educators, filling toothbrush goody bags, or helping us to communicate with various community groups.
  • Citizens act as champions by speaking about oral health issues during Select Board, School Board, and other public meetings
  • Students act as champions by engaging in our daily tooth brushing programs, and making healthy choices for themselves.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to be an oral health champion! There is room for everyone to become a champion in some way: we hope you will join us!